Many of us are looking for easy ways to improve our diet, without compromising on taste. With Marriage’s Golden Wholegrain Bread flour and Golden Wholegrain Plain flour, you can create delicious bakes, which increase your wholegrain intake and will be enjoyed by everyone!

“Making small, simple changes to your diet, like using wholemeal flour to replace white in baking, can offer a number of important health benefits for the whole family.

“Fibre is an important ingredient in a healthy balanced diet; it helps to keep the digestive system healthy and increases the speed at which material passes through the digestive tract. Wholegrains offer a number of health benefits and studies show that eating three or more servings of wholegrain foods a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.”

Golden Wholegrain Bread flour and Golden Wholegrain Plain flour are 100% wholemeal and milled in Essex, where the Marriage family have been millers since 1824. During milling, the whole of the grain is ground to flour in one process; nothing is removed, delivering all the goodness of the wheat grain. 




“As the grandson of a baker, I was raised baking home goodies and this is something that has continued throughout my adult life.  About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and suddenly faced the challenge of minimizing sugar in my diet.

A low GI (glycaemic index) diet involves low sugar, low fat and as high fibre as you can make your meals.  I thought my baking days were over but rather than give up I turned towards baking with sweetener and wholemeal flour. 

Over the last 18months I have had varying degrees of success baking in this fashion.  Sugar free wholemeal flour baking can create quite heavy sponges until I experienced Golden Wholegrain flour.   This flour allows me to create cakes; that have the texture and taste of white flour with the health benefits of wholemeal.
The red velvet cupcake recipe and photos that I sent are a great example of this.  On tasting them you might guess they are sugar free but I doubt very much people would guess they are made using wholemeal flour.

Since baking with sweetener and wholemeal flour I am still able to enjoy ‘sweet treats’ without sending my blood sugars high. 

Please be aware that cakes and biscuits made using sweetener do not keep like traditional sugar based goodies.  They are best made and served straight away.

Golden Wholegrain Loaf